Sabrina Pricl

University of Trieste

Sabrina Pricl is associate professor of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Trieste. Member of the Scientific Board of the PhD School in Nanotechnology of the University of Trieste, and of various international scientific societies, e.g. the American Chemical Society, American Association of Chemical Engineers, American Association for Cancer Research, European Association for research and Treatment of Cancer, European Society of Nanomedicine, and the American Society for Nanomedicine, she also serves as member of the editorial board of different international scientific journals.
She regularly holds courses and seminars at several Universities and international Scientific Institutions on several topics, including biopolymer rheology, thermodynamics and molecular modeling and simulation.
The main research activities are focused on the study, correlation and prediction of the structure/property relationships for complex biomolecular systems such as dendrimers, proteins and drug carriers.
With an ‘h-index’ of 23, she is the author of more than 400 scientific publications on international journals and conference proceedings in the field of rheology, molecular modeling and computer simulation of complex systems.