Mikael Törmänen

Volvo Car Corporation

Dr. M. Törmänen finished his Ph.D. in Vehicle Engineering in 2001 at the department of Machine and Vehicle Systems at Chalmers University of Technogy.
He has joined Volvo Car Corporation in 2005 to work with powertrain simulations with focus on the longitudinal vehicle dynamics, i.e. driveability. Since the attribute driveability is influenced by almost every mechanical systems in the front-end of the vehicle he has gained a broad overall system knowledge and experience in different customer attributes that need to be optimized. To improve the optimization between several attributes he has formed a CAE framework that makes it possible to reuse and speed up the optimization process. This has been applied on engine mount systems which has a major impact on driveability. Since 2007, the main optimzation tool has been modeFrontier.