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UM is not just about software

UM means above all analysis and organization of the designing process; development, enhancement and transfer of knowledge and skills; challenges to tackle; opportunities to seize. And at all times with focus on innovation, remaining aware of its true value, relevance and impact in the field of application.

The meeting provides opportunities and interest for the widest range of operators:

  • managers can learn how to integrate CAE applications into their own contexts, securing company turnover, gaining from the experience of speakers from companies operating in the same sector;
  • technicians and application specialists can discover new approaches to computer-aided engineering, within the overall goal of expanding ideas and improving methods as part of a true multi-objective optimization;
  • academics can benefit both as regards research owing to a software environment for managing knowledge, dealing with uncertainties and supporting theorethical frameworks for optimization analysis, as well as teaching by providing a powerful tool for comparing and reporting on meaningful case studies;
  • researchers can plan and carry out complex testing within a versatile and multidisciplinary platform taking advantage of the logical graphics interface and sophisticated IT and optimization functions;
  • sponsors have the opportunity to promote an event hosting cutting-edge ideas driving industrial innovation trends of the future.

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