Tastes of Karst

The participants of the 2012 Users’ Meeting will enjoy a guided tour around the Karst, comprising a wine-tasting visit of four local wine producers in the village of Prepotto – ZidarichKanteSkerk and Lupinc. The dinner, based on typical culinary specialties of the Karst region, will be served in the restaurant Salvia e Rosmarino. The ingredients are selected personally by the owner and acquired exclusively from local producers.

The Karst (Carso in Italian) is a vast plateau stretching in the Trieste hinterland, a rough, but fascinating land stuck somewhere in between the Mediterranean and the mountains; a place where the Slavic, Germanic and Romanic cultures have become so intertwined to form a unique concoction of peculiar traditions and amazing food and wine. Overlooking the Adriatic sea, battered by the harsh bora wind during the winter, but transforming into a mosaic of shades of green during the spring and the summer, the Karst’s reddish soil rich with limestone has become the ideal place for wine-growing, which has flourished in this region for several centuries. 

French varieties like Sauvignon and Chardonnay have found a fertile ground alongside local varieties, such as Terrano, also known as “blood of Carso” for its intense ruby red color and with a wild fragrance of raspberries and blackberries; Vitovska, a native dry wine of a light golden color and a delicate flowery aroma, ideal for accompanying various types of seafood; and Malvasia with its straw-yellow color and greenish reflections, and an elegant fruity aroma.

Salvia e RosMarino

In the heart of the Karst, Salvia and RosMarino offers top-quality gourmet food, produced with natural local ingredients. The restaurant is located close to "Grotta Gigante", in the municipality of Sgonico (Trieste), which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest show cave in 1995.


Welcome cocktail and finger food
KK Kante


Cream of asparagus soup with local cream cheese Selvadigo
Malvasia Lupinc

Omelette à la Carso (Bajta sausage and Tabor Zidarich cheese)
Vitovska Skerk Sherbet


Oven-roasted suckling pig with potato gateau
Terrano Zidarich


Cream-cake carsolina
Terrano Grappa, Coffee